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Express Facial Treatment in Fredericksburg, VA

There are times when your schedule is jam-packed, but you still crave the refreshing renewal that you can get through the services we offer at Medical Massage Clinic. It is for those stressful days that we have decided to provide express facial treatment in Fredericksburg, VA.

These special sessions fit the bill perfectly with a soothing and rejuvenating experience that doesn’t add stress to your busy schedule, but in fact, reduces it. The gentle and skillful hands-on services offered by our fully trained estheticians deliver you to a momentary oasis of bliss without a significant time commitment on your part.

Our restorative facials give you a boost for the day and help elevate your skin’s health and appearance. You will get a glowing, youthful look that uplifts your spirit as much as it does your personal style.

Getting dedicated and customized skincare doesn’t have to take too long, and that’s the niche our facial treatments fill here at Medical Massage Clinic. When you have some time and just want a little pampering, give us a call so that we can book an appointment for you. We provide massages, and an infrared sauna as well.