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Stone Massage in Fredericksburg VA and more..

Deep Lavender Body Treatment — $115

75 minutes

This all-natural body treatment is perfect for both physical and mental stress. Lavender is a natural remedy for cellular rejuvenation as well as an inflammation reducer. First you will experience an exhilarating all-over body scrub with yellow cornmeal and lavender buds. The exfoliation will generate a warm glow over your whole body. Then you will enjoy a full body light massage will a lavender rub. The powerful vapors will relieve mental stress. Your treatment finishes with a spritzing of therapeutic essential oils that will leave you renewed and revived.

Hot Stone Massage — $120

75 minutes

Stones are used to penetrate deep into the muscles. This allows for a deeper and more comfortable massage. This stone massage in Fredericksburg VA is used to restore balance to mind and body while concentrating treatment on the muscles' fatigue and soreness.

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